Dream Locations for Romantic Places For Lover

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  Dream Locations for Romantic Places
 (Thailand – A Dream Location for lover a Romantic Wedding)


        Known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand is an exceptional location for couples planning a truly memorable wedding. Thailand’s exotic islands and beaches, fabulous hotels and resorts, and gleaming temple spires are a unique and beautiful backdrop to your special day.

           Add to this thewarm and welcoming hospitality of Thai people, seamless organisation by professional wedding planners, and it’sa dream come true.   Couples wishing to get married in Thailand can choose from a wide variety of locations and types of ceremony.

            Whether you want a beach wedding, a ceremony in a Christian church or a Buddhist temple even an underwater wedding on Valentine’s Day Thailand has it all.  Of course, not only is Thailand a dream destination for your wedding, it’s also the perfect choice for the honeymoon too.
            The options for a memorable travel experience for newlyweds are simply endless. Whethe you are looking for a taste of paradise or Thailand’s stunning islands and beaches an exciting city to explore together, a adventurous tour of the mountainous north or a combination of all three, Thailand with ensure that the start of your life together is unforgettable!



                 Choosing the right time for your wedding Thailand has three seasons. From March until  May is the hottest time of year. It is also very humid and can make travel uncomfortable  The wet season is from June until October but the rainfall is usually is in short and heavy downpours and seldom disrupts travel or activities.

                 From November until February is the cool season and the best time to enjoy travelling in Thailand. It can be particularly cool in the north during the mornings and evenings. However, the cooler months also mark the high season and it is the busiest time of year.

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