Travel lover in Thailand Q&A

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Travel lover in Thailand Q&A

No matter where one travels there are some standard questions that need answering. Thailand is no different. Below are some of the questions that are routinely asked with answers.

Q: What are the visa and passport requirement?

A: Anyone entering the Kingdom must have a vaild passport that will remain valid for a minimum of three months from date of entry. A visa, once issued, must be used within 90 days. A tourist visa is good for 60 days and may be renewed for an additional 30 days. Leited States


How many airports are there in Bangkok?
A: There are two airports in Thailand’s capital. Suvarnabhumi Airport is both an international and a domestic airport. It can accommodate 45 million passengers per year and 76 flights per hour. The former international airport, Don Muang, is now a domestic airport with flights offered by Thai Airways, Nok Air and One-Two-Go


What other coties in Thailand have international flights?
A: There are four major international airports in Thailand, located in Bangkok Phuket, Chiang Mai and Hat Yai. There are other “international” airports with flights to neighboring countries only.


What is the process toreceive the 7% VAT refund?
A: There are several conditions that must be met before one can claim VAT refund. This refund thay be claimed by a non-Thai an clai crew member) who is depatting the Kingdom by a airport. Goods must be purchased from venues displa “VAT Refund for Touristscand goods must be taken out of the nat says within 60 days of purchase Goods purchased at each minimum price of B.2,000 and total amount claimed for refund mu a least B. 5,000.


The steps are as follows:

*Present passport to sales assistance and ask for a completed VAT Refund Application for Tourist with original tax invoices attached.

*Upon departure, before check-in, present the above paperwork to Customer officers.

*Present the claim to Revenue officers, drop it in the Refund Counter box or mail it to the Revenue Department of Thailand.

*There is a choice of options to receive payment of the refund.


Q: What is the voltage in Thailand and what type of plug is in use?
A: The voltage in Thailand is 220-240 AC. While plugs are not standardized, most outlets will take both flat and round two-pronged plugs.



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