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Vartika Adventure Kuiburi

VARTIKA lifestyle emphasises the simple and natural ways of beautiful Kuiburi. This entails a heightened awareness of natural conservation. VARTIKA recycles grey water so that it can be used to maintain our trees and landscaping, and for washing outdoor surfaces. No waste water at VARTIKA is released into the sea.

Seventy-five percent of the garbage at VARTIKA is treated for recycling and made into fertiliser. Our swimming pool uses a salt-water purification system. Food served in The Traveler’s restaurant uses organic produce, which come mainly from VARTIKA Veggies plantation or from the Royal Project to create a tasty and nutritious menu using VARTIKA’s own recipes.

Kuiburi’s charm relies on pristine nature and clean beaches, as well as local culture. The area is largely undeveloped and the locals earn their livelihood as coconut farmers and fishermen. This not only adds to the charm of Kuiburi, but also distinguishes it from nearby beach destinations that have been over-developed. The abundance of squid, shrimp, crab and other shellfish make Kuiburi an especially desirable destination for fresh, high-quality seafood.

Pygmy Bryde’s Whales and dolphins live in onshore waters, adding a special beauty to the surroundings and a bearing witness to the cleanliness of the sea here.

Because VARTIKA stands alongside a clean sea and long sand beach, we pledge to preserve nature and operate in an environmentally friendly way.